We love Travelling and we love photography...

life is a sum of moments ,experiences and emotions  and for us photography is the gift of capturing the moments and holding the world at that particular place and time in your hands.

The Travelling lenz is about capturing those special moments and about sharing them.

We aim to offer for like minded men and women a quality bespoke experience that combines the best of both.

"The camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity , the master of the instant, which in visual terms questions and decides simultaneously .

In order to give a meaning yo the world , one has to feel oneself involved in what he sees through the viewfinder" By:  Henri Cartier-Bresson

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Venice being one of the most visited tourist attractions worldwide is probably also one of the most photographed travel destinations. Large numbers of tourists travel every year in tourist buses and strict schedules, but can hardly capture the spirit of the beautiful city and its wonderful people.

We at The Travelling Lenz” are taking you into the heart of the city. You will get to visit local areas and meet normal Venetians, and take an inside look at their real lives, offering you an added value for travel, and allowing you to have a more meaningful experience of the city while expressing it through your lens. We shall be escorted by ( local photographer/Guide ) who will open our eyes to the less trespassed areas of Venice for a few hours, and we will also have ample free time to wander freely around town and mingle, experience and capture expressive photos that may tell your own unique story about the place and it’s people.

Taking an expressive photograph is not the same as capturing correctly exposed pictures. All new cameras now offer you the easy simple way to click and shoot perfect images. However, there is so much to learn and so many tricks that will help you master your tools than meets the eye. Join our one day intensive photography workshop lead by an established professional photographer and start taking pictures like an artist. There will be no such thing as “the camera took it that way” anymore.

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A quick one day course

a) Learn how the Camera and Lenses work
b) A very interesting lecture on photo composition
c) A brief lecture on available light & Travel photography

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